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An appropriate security metrics program help you to be in strategic alignment with business objectives and to control security risks in a more cost-effective fashion. This tool is designed to help you identify and build up a right-sized security metrics program for your organization.

This tool will help you:

  • Identify which security functions your organization is going to measure
  • Examine and determine which business objectives each security function can contribute to
  • Outline the ways that security can contribute by creating security objectives
  • Identify current maturity level and set up the target maturity level
  • Outline the metrics selected to measure the security function toward your security objectives
  • Give concise description to your metrics
  • Identify the metrics type and identify the metrics view type
  • Identify the appropriate audience for the metrics
  • Select an appropriate reporting frequency
  • Define who is going to responsible for the metrics
  • Indicate the source(s) of information for each metric

If not measured, either your SOF is not effective at all, or your SOF has unknown effectiveness.

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