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When the success of a project is critical, you need some insurance that it will be done right. All of our Best Practice Methodologies provide that insurance – they are step-by-step guides for specific IT projects, highlighting industry best practices, created by subject matter experts.

Highlights of Our Security Enterprise Methodology:

  • Geared towards IT departments with more than 10 staff, mid- to large-sized organizations, and/or organizations with more complex systems
  • Robust, all-encompassing methodology to secure the IT environment of a mid- to large-sized organization
  • Comprehensive asset inventorying tools and procedures
  • Project management documents to facilitate the entire process 28 policies specifically geared towards implementing security governance
  • Security awareness programs for training end users (presentation tools and test)
  • Modular system that allows for easy task delegation
  • Entire section devoted to monitoring regulatory compliance

Our step-by-step guide and auditing tools, “Securing Your IT Environment”, can help you successfully tackle your security challenges. This do-it-yourself resource will help you:

  • Access prescriptive auditing tools
  • Justify your security expenditures
  • Gain c-level compliance
  • Advance towards compliance


Table of Contents
List of Tools
Password Audit Tool
Password Final Security Report

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Published: September 19, 2006
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