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Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solutions can provide the critical filtering and malware detection that organizations need over their largest traffic source: internet activity. SWG solutions can not only provide cyber security essentials but also offer productivity and business benefits. SWG solutions that fail to cover comprehensive URL filtering and categorization or a breadth of web application support can hinder your organization's visibility into network traffic, and ultimately its ability to protect itself.

Use this template to:

  • Identify key criteria for vendor selection
  • Send out RFPs and schedule future vendor demonstrations

This RFP template comes populated with crucial selection considerations, including:

  • The Statement of Work
  • Proposal Preparation Instructions
  • Scope of Work, Technical Specifications, and Functional Requirements
  • Vendor Qualifications & References
  • Budget & Estimated Pricing
  • Vendor Certification

You can then create a vendor shortlist of solutions that best satisfy the organization’s requirements.

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