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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is playing a growing role in enterprise IT operations and represents new opportunities for many organizations. However, the SaaS application delivery model is most beneficial when enterprises can access and manipulate the data stored by SaaS providers alongside that which already resides within on-premise infrastructure. This research note explores:

  • The growing role of SaaS in enterprise IT.
  • Enterprise demands for data integration.
  • Important SaaS integration considerations.

To ensure that their organizations are able to draw the greatest benefit from the delivery model, IT leaders evaluating SaaS vendors should ensure that shortlisted providers offer or support broad integration capabilities.

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    Doug Hansen | 03-18-2010

    Was wondering if you had use cases or any deployment strategies for Implementing e-mail SAAS. I'm also working on Data Center Consolidation. If you could point me to studies white papers, project schedules, risks, etc..
    that would be great


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