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It's a common theme with Info-Tech clients – mobile costs are skyrocketing for key staff traveling abroad. It seems like there is no way around paying the mobile carriers exorbitant roaming, long distance, and data costs as employees travel to business destinations like the United Kingdom, India, and China. Is it really a fact of life as you become a global company? The answer is that it will cost you more to keep traveling employees connected, but you can almost certainly save 30%-50% on mobile roaming costs if you learn a few tricks of the trade. This research note helps enterprises select the most cost effective global connectivity methods for employees with different needs, including:

  • Local mobile carrier plans that offer the lowest global roaming and long distance rates.
  • Unlocked phones and local Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards to reduce costs.
  • Rental phones, call back services, and other options that many are not aware of.
  • Mobile-mobile convergence options that can save big bucks.

Mobile roaming and long distance charges are likely to be expensive for some time to come, but there are several options for enterprises to minimize the cost. Explore the options available and select the best plan for your company.

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