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Some network managers are pondering the growing impact of cellular and WLAN data services on their support organization. Many support groups are WAN/LAN centric and their tools and skill sets are well-honed to support these areas. However, wireless services continue to alter enterprise support requirements. Network managers should consider the following actions as they prepare their 2010 support plans:

  • Identify the next genre of network support services.
  • Align network resources to support business user needs.
  • Take action to address new network support areas.

IT managers should prepare for increasing wireless usage by carefully mapping their available resources against business unit support needs. Once this is accomplished, existing IT support plans can be adjusted as needed to meet any changing business unit requirements.

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Published: September 28, 2009
Last Revised: September 28, 2009

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    Bruce Garlitz | 10-09-2009

    I think your research team missed a major element of Network Services that is creating the most "noise" in the organization vs wireless. INTERNET. 10 years ago the internet was an option that some companies used or not. Today with Cloud based sevices and SAS and all, the Internet IS the main focus of many of our network discussiosn. We are running our buisness over the Internet. We have 150 locations - how can they call get to the internet the most effective way? Security? Filterin? etc. So today most Network teams are scratching their heads to develop network plans and strategies to have secured and ubiquitous internet everywhere anytime. That has been our most recent focus - not cellular. Indeed cellular, WiMAX etc will all continue to evolve and Network teams will need to retool to exploit these new offerings. But in th e end these are just transport - while the internet is a platform and will require much more thought and organization as we push more and more of our business ito the cloud.


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