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With all of the demands placed on today's IT departments, reducing the cost of the output fleet (printers, scanners, fax machines, copiers and multi-function peripherals (MFPs)) is not at the top of the list of priorities for most department managers. We think this is a mistake.

For most companies, the output fleet represents a significant annual expenditure (5% of the average IT budget and between 1-3% of company revenue) and, more importantly, a significant opportunity for savings. The average output fleet presents a low-hanging opportunity for most IT departments to realize savings of 20-30% that directly impact the bottom line.

This report will help you:

  • Determine what currently exists and where the enterprise is on the Output Fleet Optimization Curve.
  • Get the project rolling by finding some quick win cost savings.
  • Establish requirements.
  • Determine which vendors and solutions really match the enterprise's business needs.
  • Help you negotiate the best deal possible using our list of output fleet negotiation tips.

Printing and imaging is 5% of the average IT budget. Save 20-30% with this report.

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Published: October 1, 2008
Last Revised: October 1, 2008

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    Tom Wilkinson | 05-17-2010

    Good overview of all aspects you should consider when looking at output contracts.


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