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If you’ve followed the virtual private network (VPN) market at all over the years, you might have noticed that it’s one of the more static technologies that doesn’t seem to change much year over year. However, with the influx of cloud services and mobile devices in the market, it’s time for companies to re-evaluate their VPN policies and determine whether it’s time to consider new technologies or, at the very least, new strategies for how to manage and monitor network connections.

Mistakes To Avoid & Challenges

To Overcome Aside from the financial challenges that come with “getting the best bang for your buck” out of any type of IT solution, James McCloskey, executive advisor at Info-Tech Research Group, says that one of the biggest mistakes companies make with their VPN strategy is to look at it as a binary decision rather than one decision with many layers. For example, he says that most companies view VPN as an on/ off switch, essentially, and they make a blanket decision that a given user will either have no access to a network or complete access to it “as though they were sitting wired.”

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Published: May 15, 2015
Last Revised: June 18, 2015

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