Post-Survey Engagement Program Plan


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Once an employee engagement survey is conducted, use a post-survey plan to manage the change in an organized and effective manner. Use this template to outline each activity in your organization’s post-survey process and prepare the relevant pieces of communication in tandem.

This tool will help you:
  •  Establish roles, goals, and anticipated obstacles.
  •  List and prioritize employee-generated initiatives for implementation.
  •  Develop detailed action plans for selected initiative implementation.
  •  Document budgets, time frames, and accountabilities for each initiative.
  •  Track progress during initiative implementation.
  •  Write key messages according to audience/stakeholder group for communication touch points.
  •  Formalize your post-survey engagement program communication plan.
The guide should be owned and maintained by the internal communications officer, a Human Resources representative, or the department manager depending on the specific business environment.

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