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Every enterprise has processes, whether they are formally documented or not. In fact, the fundamental building blocks of any organization are its processes and the people who put them into practice.

Identifying and mapping processes is the first step in defining meaningful policies and procedures. Understanding processes gives clarity to how an enterprise actually works, which in turn dictates the business rules that are encapsulated in policies. Knowledge of processes also drives all procedural efforts in that processes define the sequence, transitions, and decision points of the workflow that underlie all detailed procedures.

The goal of the Process Management program is to help you identify, assess, document and manage processes in IT and the business as a whole. This approach includes four key steps:

  1. Understand Process Frameworks
  2. Capture Processes
  3. Define Processes
  4. Manage Process Portfolio

Tools included in this bundle:

  • Guide to Process Mapping
  • Process Framework Selection Guide
  • Needs Assessment
  • Process Interview Template
  • Process Inventory Tool
  • Business Process Management Software Readiness Assessment
  • Process Profile Template

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Published: May 11, 2009
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