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Once policies and procedures have been identified and documented, it is imperative to communicate their presence and purpose to the organization. The fact is that policies and procedures are useless if they are not enforced.

Implementing and enforcing documented policies and procedures should be a continuous process. All policies and procedures must be maintained and immediate action taken when a violation has been identified. Commitment to the review and revision of policies and procedures will ensure they are kept current and relevant against the organization's mandates and objectives.

The goal of the Policy and Procedure Enforcement program is to help you implement, enforce, and review the performance of policies and procedures in IT and the business as a whole. This approach includes three key steps:

  1. Implement the Policy or Procedure
  2. Monitor and Manage Policy and Procedure Adherence
  3. Review Policy and Procedure Performance

Tools included in this bundle:

  • Policy/Procedure Communication Plan
  • Policy/Procedure Training Plan
  • Policy/Procedure Implementation Checklist
  • Technology Use Monitoring Policy
  • Policy/Procedure Reports List
  • Policy Violation Escalation Procedure
  • Policy Violation Log
  • Policy Violation Letter
  • Policy/Procedure Performance Report
  • Policy/Procedure Review Schedule
  • Policy/Procedure Review Checklist

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