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A project benefits from formal closure activities to ensure that no remaining work is left unfinished. It is easy to overlook administrative tasks and minor loose ends, so use this module to take stock of what still needs to be completed after the project delivers on its major goals.

This module contains one step:

  1. Wrap-Up the Project

After completing this module, you will have:

  • A template to confirm that project deliverables have been successfully accepted.
  • Multiple forms for evaluating the success of project outcomes, as well as project team performance.
  • Documentation to be used as a reference for future projects.
  • Useful documents that can contribute to an employee's performance review.

Often overlooked, project closure is actually an essential step in the project management process. Ensure that the team works together to close off all activities, and compiles important lessons learned to be used for future projects.

Tools included in this bundle:

  • Project Acceptance Form
  • Project Debrief Report
  • Performance Feedback Form

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Published: May 13, 2009
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