PC Today: Bandwidth Bottlenecks, fixing the network's pain points

(October Issue) If the first stage of grief is denial, then IT managers should take note: saying the network has no bandwidth problem is a recipe for future heartache. First, managers need to ask which network is being discussed, the public Internet, the private WAN, or the local wireless infrastructure? All can be pain points for businesses, and all can present bandwidth-related bottleneck issues to IT unless proper precautions are taken.


According to Cisco’s 2011 Visual Networking Index, global IP traffic will grow by 800% between 2010 and 2015, reaching the “zettabyte threshold” (nearly 1,000 exabytes generated annually) before 2016. By that time, there will be double the number of connected devices as there are humans, and video will account for half of all Internet trafic. The number of petabytes generated by businesses per month will mushroom from 3,930 in 2010 to 10,410 in 2015.

To cope with this exploding trafic load, backbone providers will have to keep adding capacity and infrastructure. The same is true for enterprises connecting into those backbones. Cisco’s 2011 statistics show that business trafic is growing at a compounded annual rate of 32%. It doesn’t take many years for today’s manageable load to completely swamp an enterprise’s capacity.

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