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Info-Tech conducted the Global Green IT Attitude & Action survey for insight from around the globe on sentiment towards climate change, Green IT, and how IT is reacting. In terms of attitudes, all respondents are concerned about climate change. In terms of action, however, Asia and Europe lead the pack. The Attitude & Action survey also found that:

  • Up to 55% of North American respondents claim their companies do not have PC power savings policies.
  • Opinions are mixed on whether IT is working towards higher energy efficiency, with the most negative opinions coming from outside Asia and Europe.
  • About 40% of companies in Asia are adopting major changes, such as green RFPs and shortened IT refresh cycles for energy efficient equipment. Other regions lag, with North American respondents reporting less adoption.
  • Asia tends to lead adoption of IT responsibility for power bills and energy efficiency measurement; other regions fall behind.

Respondents are doubtful of their companies for good reason; a persistent gap between organizational concern and action persists. North America appears to be the worst in adopting Green IT quick wins and major changes.

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