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New IT leaders often encounter a problematic relationship between IT and the business when taking on their new role. The origins of the conflict may be myriad or even pre-historic, but unless the problems are addressed, new IT leaders will face an uphill battle when attempting to make positive change.
Info-Tech asked a range of IT leaders how they attempted to mend fractured relationships between IT and the business during the early days of their tenure. For most, they immediately attempted to reset unhealthy IT employee attitudes and foster a positive view of IT service provision. This research note addresses:

  • Measuring the service attitude in IT.
  • Mechanisms that will aid IT staff in altering their service mind-sets.
  • Recommendations for quickly tweaking IT staff behavior.

A bad attitude towards serving the business is damaging to IT’s influence and credibility – and completely counter-productive. Set a new course early to amend an uncooperative IT culture.

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Published: November 18, 2009
Last Revised: November 18, 2009


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