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Mobility is technology's new buzzword. Increasingly powerful mobile devices are allowing more and more workers to engage in complex work wherever they are. Although new applications are rapidly being rolled out to an audience hungry for innovation in the mobile space, messaging remains the killer application, the underpinning of the mobile revolution.

This research note addresses the following:

  • An overview of current-generation mobile messaging alternatives.
  • Relative strengths and weaknesses of the leading mobile messaging offerings.
  • How to choose the mobile messaging technology that makes the most sense for a given deployment scenario.

Not every messaging solution is ideal for every work scenario, so enterprises must carefully research their options when determining which platform makes the most sense.

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Published: March 7, 2007
Last Revised: March 7, 2007


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    André Bromes | 01-06-2017

    Palm OS, really???? Is there an update to this article?? It is almost on its 10 year anniversary!

    • 432c05244a845caaca3b276adb15a11e comment
      Info-Tech Research Group | 01-10-2017

      Thank you for bringing this note to our attention. We no longer write notes and focus instead on full blueprints. We agree that a 10-year-old note should not be on the website and will be retiring it.


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