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Microsoft Project leads the market in terms of sales and notoriety due to branding but not necessarily because of software functionality. Although reporting and resource management features are fairly robust, this solution has less to offer in terms of structured project management functionality and user time-saving features, and it is more expensive than most of the competition. Regardless, research indicates that the majority of new project managers are trained on this software. Why is this? Is it because Project really is a tried-and-true solution within the company or more because management is afraid of change?

Does Easy Integration Make Project A Market Leader?

Why does Project lead the market in sales if the features and functions aren’t as full-bodied or unique as other offerings? A quick scour of the Web reveals that Project is often chosen for its simple integration with the Microsoft Office suite of products. However, the downside is that integration with other Microsoft software is required in order to achieve optimal functionality. 

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Published: November 10, 2009
Last Revised: November 10, 2009


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