With the latest version of its free cross-platform encryption tool, TrueCrypt has created a solution that takes information protection to the next level. Though overkill for many users, the feature set of version 6.0 means that not only will data be protected should a device be lost, but even when its owner is compelled to surrender the password.

Not Just File-Based Encryption Anymore.

When Info-Tech last wrote about TrueCrypt (“Enable Disk Encryption with This Free Tool”, September 2006), the product was a viable tool for providing enhanced file-based encryption. Through the creation of a file (known as a TrueCrypt volume) that could masquerade as an internal hard-drive, TrueCrypt users could safely store sensitive or confidential information. To access the data, the user was required to mount the TrueCrypt volume using the software via a password-protected process. To secure the files again, the volume was simply dismounted.

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