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As news reports of the loss or theft of notebook computers continue to roll in, enterprises are becoming more turned on to the idea of encryption. Implementing this technology however requires some forethought as there are many ways in which it can be implemented and each will have a different impact on the enterprise. Several factors need to be considered to ensure that strategy decisions are appropriately made. This research note focuses on four primary factors that all enterprises, small or large, should consider prior to initiating a laptop encryption project:

  • Free versus pay solutions.
  • File/folder versus disk protection.
  • Point solutions versus encryption suites.
  • People/process impacts of the decision.

Before any enterprise rushes out to implement laptop encryption, understanding the nature of the project as a whole and establishing a sound strategy will save money and headaches both today and in the future.

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Published: January 30, 2008
Last Revised: January 30, 2008


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