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The best practice collection for IT operations known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has undergone a revision. Released May 30, 2007, ITIL v3 will be a more convenient, actionable presentation of ITIL materials supported by supplementary materials to ease implementation. IT leaders considering ITIL should understand the implications of ITIL v3 for planning purposes.

Why the Update?

ITIL was last updated in 2001. In an effort to keep guidance up-to-date v3 improves the usefulness and applicability of ITIL to IT Professionals by reflecting advances in technology and management processes. ITIL v3 promises to make ITIL easier to adopt, adapt and use than ever before with its new set of books and complimentary materials.

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Published: July 17, 2007
Last Revised: July 17, 2007


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