Early attempts to modernize legacy systems were fraught with disastrous outcomes due to the lack of technological capability to assist with the process of transformation. This created a situation where many executives would rather accept the ever spiralling cost of continuing to run their legacy systems rather than risk career-ending failure.

Ensure that you select the most appropriate vendor for your enterprise needs. Use this research to:

  • Understand what’s changed in the field of modernization and how legacy systems can now be modernized relatively affordably, and in surprisingly short time frames.
  • Evaluate legacy modernization vendors and products for your enterprise needs.
  • Determine which vendors are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios.

Automated techniques and tools using an architecture-driven approach have been created and are seeing huge successes causing many legacy owners to take notice and engage one of the included vendors to transform their applications, data, and platforms.

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Vendor Landscape: Legacy Software Modernization

November 26, 2013: Please note that this report will not be refreshed within the foreseeable future as the information within remains accurate and reflects the current market.

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