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Multi-site enterprises are commonly managing environments with different types of voice and data connectivity, often sourced from multiple service providers. Use this tool to help identify and monitor relevant telecom services and assets to recognize consolidation opportunities and effectively plan out connectivity options.

The inventory tool facilitates the following:

  • Gathering information around telecom infrastructure devices (circuits, routers, etc.).
  • Tracking personal assets such as smartphones, cell phones, or conference bridges.
  • Compiling monthly invoices and service charges and connecting them to physical devices, thereby identifying erroneous billing.
  • Assembling relevant vendor and contract information to keep tabs on upcoming contracts and provide a single location for contact information.
  • Summarizing relevant data around the telecom environment, such as total monthly cost per location and total cost per user at each location.

Assemble and monitor the network inventory to deliver benefits in the areas of asset management, contract negotiation, and infrastructure capacity planning.

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