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Storage seems simple. You buy a disk array and add capacity as data volume grows. However, in the last several years, disruptive trends like data sprawl and virtualization, as well as the emergence of new technologies such as flash, make storage strategy worth revisiting. With a robust strategy, it’s now possible to tailor a solution that will make storage a proactive business enabler that can facilitate larger organizational strategies. This storyboard details a hands-on process that storage administrators can use to:

  • Identify pain points in the current infrastructure and determine how to best solve them.
  • Identify ways in which storage can work with organizational strategies in order to better facilitate business goals.
  • Produce and document an annual storage strategy that lays out storage initiatives for the coming year.

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Published: July 4, 2013
Last Revised: July 4, 2013


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Two Days to an Annual Storage Strategy Storyboard Sample
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