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Most organizations report that a growing number of their business end users are power users. These tech-savvy users are proficient with enterprise technology and will seek out non-enterprise solutions to improve their work processes. Rather than view these users as a threat to IT, they should be viewed as an asset because:

  • They can be leveraged to help move IT in an innovative direction.
  • They can act as a mediator between IT and end users, ensuring that IT is aligned with the needs of the business.
  • They can help increase organizational buy-in for IT initiatives by acting as IT champion users.

Organizations that choose to limit or tolerate their power users are losing valuable opportunities to create an innovative and efficient environment. Enabling these users sees valuable results throughout the organization.

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  • 820a94ea1bf8d95ff1107ca554903c19 comment
    Steve Groves | 01-16-2013

    This concept is captured extremely well in Josh Bernoff's book 'Empowered'. He refers to them as HEROes (highly empowered and resourceful operatives). Great read for people on the governance side of IT to become familiar with.


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