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Easy access to social media, cloud computing, big data, and mobile services has bred a new class of business employee that take on more technology projects without IT involvement. Business employees are tech-savvy but do not have the knowledge, experience, or expertise to innovate around such technologies to maximize security, maintain compliance, and minimize risk – but IT does. However, business units may not regard IT as an innovation player and in some cases view IT as a barrier to innovation.

This solution set will help IT leaders:

  • Understand innovation and success factors within an enterprise
  • Identify disconnection between how the Business and IT view innovation
  • Gain the confidence necessary from business units to position IT as an innovation player by:
    • Innovating within IT and communicating the value of IT innovations.
    • Innovating with business units to help them achieve strategic goals and optimize business processes.
    • Helping business units take advantage of new and emerging technologies.

Leverage IT’s multi-department spanning position to facilitate innovation enterprise-wide by being a central entity in an Innovation Governance Model designed to make innovation an iterative and managed practice.

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Institutionalize Innovation through IT

Leverage IT’s strong multi-department spanning position to facilitate innovation across the enterprise.

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