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Demands on the traditional storage array are growing due to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), growing volumes of file data, and growing expectations for data resiliency and available for virtual infrastructures. In most cases, organizations simply buy more disk, but this solution is becoming too costly and ultimately untenable.

Use this research to:

  • Understand the challenges facing traditional storage arrays.
  • Address performance issues (e.g. with VDI) using solutions that enhance performance with lower cost servers and storage using storage hypervisors, server memory caching, and purpose-built appliances.
  • Deploy advanced storage and virtualization without buying an array using storage hypervisors, virtualized storage arrays, and hypervisor-based appliances.
  • Move file data to the Cloud using personal cloud storage solutions.
  • Learn how traditional storage vendors will meet these challenges within the array in the future.

Storage is changing as more and more workloads leverage storage to meet modern business requirements. Use this report to address those concerns in ways beyond just buying more expensive arrays.

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