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Flash is everywhere these days. We’ve all heard the buzzwords flying around the storage space over the last couple years – flash, solid state storage drives (SSDs), flash cache, auto-tiering – and we’ve run into popular vendors like Fusion-io, Violin Memory and Nimbus Data, and heard about the all flash array acquisitions of major vendors like EMC. But now storage buyers are running into flash along with their storage, server, and virtualization contracts, making it critical to understand flash technology. This storyboard addresses the following success factors:

  • Understanding different implementations and form factors of solid state storage.
  • Evaluating the use cases for solid state storage.
  • Pinpointing key criteria for evaluating purchases of solid state storage, such as:
    • Server-attached flash
    • Flash in Traditional Storage
    • All Flash Systems
    • Planning for the future of solid state storage

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding flash as a replacement for disk-based storage. Many organizations are attracted by flash’s performance specs, but concerned about its cost. This set separates the facts from the hype.

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Published: March 20, 2013
Last Revised: March 20, 2013


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Evaluate the Role of Solid State in the Next Storage Purchase Storyboard Sample
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