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Today's IT innovations are data disruptors:

  • Cloud computing takes the data out of the enterprise IT environment.
  • Mobile computing allows access to corporate data anywhere, anytime.
  • New computing paradigms impact the level of trust organizations have in their own data.
  • Data management technology is improving to meet the new demands.

Be proactive on immediate and critical data issues:

  • Set policies and use technology to maintain control of your data in a cloudy IT environment.
  • Set policies to control corporate data access from mobile devices.
  • Improve data trust through provenance policies and data stewardship.
  • Use data virtualization technology as part of your data management plan for faster time to value of data aggregation and integration.

Architect and plan for the future:

  • Data provenance technology is emerging; impacting all data repositories from operations through backup and archiving.
  • Big data is a big deal. Prepare for it with architecture and planning to define boundaries, allocate resources and funding, and procure technology.
  • Analytics are providing new insights into old problems. Don’t ignore it.

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