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Evaluating and selecting the right Customer Service Knowledge Management (CSKM) platform can be a challenging task, but one that holds worthwhile results for organizations looking to beef up their customer service initiatives. Use this research to streamline the selection process and choose the best CSKM platform for your organization.

  • Not all organizations will require a standalone CSKM platform. However, if one is merited by product and service complexity, adoption can boost key customer service metrics (like solution consistency and customer retention).
  • CSKM platforms bring a host of features under one roof: knowledgebases, advanced search, resolution workflow tools, reporting and analytics, social and mobile access.
  • There are a number of strong vendors to choose from in this space, although some place more emphasis on particular feature sets than others. Select the right platform by undertaking a comprehensive assessment of user and business needs.
  • CSKM platform implementation considerations include points-of-integration, maintenance and security, training and end-user adoption.

Platform selection and implementation misfires are costly and time-consuming. Adhering to best practices around evaluating and selecting a CSKM solution will ensure that the full potential of the platform is realized.

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