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10G Ethernet has been available at premium prices for several years and is widely used in high performance computing environments. Now, with lower prices, data center technical staff is pushing 10G Ethernet for day-to-day infrastructure. As with all new technologies, there is an optimal time for upgrading. Use this solution set to understand what needs to be considered when presented with requests for higher speed infrastructure.

This solution set is designed for:

  • IT leaders that plan, design, and manage data center infrastructure, specifically networking and storage environments, and are evaluating convergence of these traditionally separate areas.
  • IT leaders in smaller organizations looking to expand their data center or potentially invest in virtualized server and storage infrastructure in the near-to-mid term.
  • Organizations assessing appropriateness and gauging readiness for building a business plan for a converged network infrastructure.

Understand the drivers, challenges, costs, and benefits of a converged data center network strategy to determine if it is a fit for the enterprise.

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