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Many organizations lack the capability, vision, and commitment to successfully implement a software consolidation initiative. With the Software Consolidation Readiness Assessment, IT leaders are able to assess the current state of the organization, identify potential risks, prioritize the need to address each risk factor, and define mitigating actions for reducing the risks, thereby increasing organizational readiness for the project.

The tool includes a checklist composed of various criteria that enable IT leaders to:

  • Assess organizational readiness across 11 categories.
  • Identify issues/risks which may impede success.
  • Develop action plans for mitigating issues and risks.

Info-Tech recommends completion of this readiness assessment prior to starting the software consolidation project. This tool will act as a guide for IT leaders to gain a high level understanding of the current corporate conditions, identify potential organizational risks, and begin to address the issues long before project launch for better success rates.

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