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The purpose of the Leadership section is to give IT leaders guidelines for improving their teams and their leadership skills. First, leaders are reminded of the enterprise's current IT roles and responsibilities. Second, leaders are guided on how to create strong teams. Third, leaders are encouraged to consider what type of leader they are and want to be. Finally, leaders are guided in communicating departmental goals both within and external to their department.

The Leadership section involves four steps:

  1. Organizational awareness
  2. Team-Building
  3. Leadership planning
  4. Communicating with business units

Tools included in this bundle:

  • A Personal Approach to Planning for IT Leadership Success
  • Checklist for Team-Building
  • Communications Scheduling Template
  • Communications Plan Template
  • Employee Recognition and Reward Program
  • IT Annual Report
  • IT Departmental Goals
  • IT Operations Plan
  • IT Vision and Mission Statements Template
  • Job Description Template
  • Leadership Assessment Tool
  • Leadership Skills Inventory
  • IT Organizational Charting
  • Six Hats Problem-Solving Tool
  • Team Brainstorming Template
  • Team Charter
  • Team Selection Tool

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