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No network, application, or server can be protected from every possible attack, particularly if you simply assume that your security solutions are safe from the newest threats. The only way to fully protect yourself from hackers and to make sure your resources are safe is to regularly test your defenses with the help of vulnerability scanning solutions or full penetration testing from outside agencies. Regular security testing will help make your data center stronger and more secure.

Think Like A Hacker

To prevent attacks from hackers, you need to understand how they think. “Attackers are not stupid,” says Jim O’Gorman, malicious entity simulator at Offensive Security. “There is no reason to go after a hardened target. If you want into an organization, the best route to take is to conduct your information gathering and identify what they are running, how they work, and where they are defended. Then just wait. In time, an opening will present itself. This might be in the form of a new vulnerability, something happening in the news you can take advantage of, or something as simple as a new attack presenting itself. That’s when you strike.”

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