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(October 19) If there’s one thing in the data center that requires significant attention, it’s your servers. A drop in performance creates a domino effect that can be felt by anyone within the company and even by customers outside of the organization.

For every data center, there comes a time when a server refresh is needed to beef up capabilities, increase energy efficiency, and ensure that your company will always be up and running to serve customers. We’ll show you a few things to keep in mind when going through a server refresh that should help you save money while still getting the performance and features you need.

✔Know When It’s Time For A Refresh

Clemens Pfeiffer, CTO and founder of Power Assure (888/225-1575; www.power, says there are a couple of sure signs it’s time for a server refresh. For starters,
when new servers use so much less power and space that it’s less expensive to replace the old ones than keeping them running, it’s time for an upgrade. Also, when compute needs are expected to surpass current IT capacity and key performance indicators show data center performance may start to degrade, planning needs to be done ahead of time and regularly updated so that IT projects the right time and criteria for a hardware refresh.

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Published: October 19, 2012
Last Revised: October 24, 2012

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