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Attracting visitors to a company website is one thing; converting them into devoted customers of your brand is another. This can be especially difficult if various content authors are independently creating content and rely on IT to develop, upload, and update it. Beyond tying up IT resources, the approach can result in fragmented content that conveys the idea that the company lacks uniformity. Implementing a WCMS (Web content management system) can introduce structure that enables presenting the brand and messaging in a consistent manner while simultaneously allowing non-technical users to create, publish, edit, and update content without possessing programming or developer skills.

WCM Defined

As a strategy, WCM has traditionally been defined as a tool or guiding principal that enabled IT to bring systematic tools to what content was placed on the organization’s Web site and where, says Christopher Wynder, Info-Tech Research Group analyst (www.info-tech.com). WCM provided guidance in terms of helping users determine the number of pages they needed and getting visitors from one page of interest to the next.

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