PCToday: Hardware Lifecycle Management

It’s one of the certainties of a data center that equipment will age and eventually break down. Every component has a lifecycle that can help you determine when it might be time to upgrade. And with technology evolving so quickly, it’s more important than ever to prepare for future changes and put your company in the best possible position 
to handle equipment EOL (end-of-life) situations. By implementing a hardware lifecycle management plan, you can 
avoid problems associated with inoperable or obsolete equipment.

As with any decision-making process in a company, it’s important to have easy-to-follow steps in place that ensure you aren’t putting your business at a disadvantage in any way. And when it comes to managing the lifespans of equipment, you can’t afford to be caught unaware when an upgrade or full replacement is required. “Over time, almost all tech equipment becomes obsolete and you don’t want to be caught behind an overwhelming and costly equipment upgrade,” says Yuriy Petushkov, CEO at Baynetwork (www.baynetwork.com). “While there are many exceptions to the rule of becoming obsolete, it is best to stay on top of IT equipment by providing ongoing maintenance, gradual updates, and required replacements throughout the entire network. Lifecycle management makes or breaks business today, and you don’t want to be caught behind the eight ball or in the dust of your competition.”

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