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These days many companies are opting to develop their own applications in order to better serve customers or to meet specific internal needs. You could, for example, build an out-facing app that improves communication between your employees and customers. Or you could create a more in-depth application that helps administrators monitor your company’s network or data. If there is an unmet need in your company or even in your industry as a whole, it can make sense to make your own application to solve the issue. We will highlight what it takes to get the job done.


Of course, every app starts with an idea, which usually grows from recognizing that a process for getting something done is either lacking or could be improved. If you think an app could help, there are numerous specifics to consider before embarking on the appbuilding process, but first you should document what the app will do in its entirety. It might be easy to write down a sentence or two about the app and deem the idea solid, but more is needed: Draw out the idea to all imaginable conclusions, using a whiteboard for diagramming if necessary, to ensure the app’s full scope is understood at the outset.

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