PCToday: Email in the Cloud

While cloud email can free up resources by moving email off-site and simultaneously accommodate the growing need for anywhere, anytime email access, it is often ill-adapted to enterprises’ compliance, security, and speciic email management requirements.

According to research company IDC (www.idc.com), Web email represented just 10% of email revenue last year, but IDC expects that number to almost double by 2015 to represent 19% of total email revenue worldwide. And according to Gartner (www.gartner.com), 50% of email applications will be on the cloud by the end of this decade. These 
predictions, however, are contingent on providers’ ability to widen the scope of their offerings to meet the speciic needs of more enterprises, regardless of their size or application needs. According to Tim Hickernell, a director of research with Info-Tech Research (www.infotech.com), cloud email providers “are not there yet for everybody, but they are getting there.”


However, today many organizations can ind use for current cloud email options despite their limitations. Here are some things to keep in 
mind when pondering whether Web email makes sense for your enterprise at this time.

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