PCToday: Does Your Company Need An ERP System?

ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems are in-depth solutions that cover multiple facets in your company and are designed to simplify business processes and ease the burden on your workforce. “ERP is a term used to describe the software a company uses to run its business on,” says China Martens, an analyst with Forrester Research (www.forrester.com) in the area of application development and delivery. “It’s a combination of accounting and finance, human resources management, order management, procurement, project management, and vertical business processes specific to the industry or industries the company operates in.”

But having a definition for ERP doesn’t necessarily make its importance abundantly clear. Yes, it’s a large part of your business, but it’s difficult to know what constitutes an ERP system and how you should go about implementing or upgrading one. We’ll show you some of the benefits of utilizing ERP and help you determine whether you’re company will benefit from implementing a new system.

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