PCToday: Compliance & The Cloud

Moving some or most of your data to the cloud is a good way to reduce costs and minimize the amount of physical infrastructure you have within your facility. However, some companies have concerns regarding cloud computing that they can’t reconcile. While some of these worries are related to security or accessing data, one aspect that no company should overlook is compliance.

Whether you work in the healthcare, financial, payment card, or other industries, there’s a good chance your data is regulated in some way and needs to adhere to certain standards. It’s difficult enough to maintain compliance when everything is stored inhouse, but when you move data to the cloud, it can become more difficult to manage. Luckily, the cloud is maturing, and there are multiple ways to ensure your data is safe even when it’s hosted in a third-party data center. The key to managing your data and ensuring it is secure in the cloud is to understand what standards apply to your company and how to keep that data compliant.

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