PCToday: Cloud-Based WLAN Management

As more software functionality becomes available in the cloud, it makes sense that the WLAN (wireless local area network) management vendors would try to take advantage of the trend and give customers an alternative to traditional, on-premise controllers. While companies may be wary of simply moving every piece of technology off-premise in an effort to save resources, there are benefits related to cloud-based WLAN management that shouldn’t be ignored. Not only can these solutions prevent massive upfront costs, but they can also give companies more control over access points and free them from the constraints of onpremise management.

The difference between traditional and cloud-based alternatives has less to do with network performance or feature-sets and more to do with where the WLAN controller is located. For companies, it’s a simple question of “Do you have a controller on-premise or does that controller live outside of your premises in the cloud?” says MarkTauschek, 
lead research analyst with Info-Tech Research Group (www.infotech.com). Traditional and cloud-based WLAN management provide the same basic functionality, except for when it comes to how they interact with your network and the freedom that cloudbased solutions provide.

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