PC Today: The Power of Mobility

(November Issue) SMBs know how crucial tablets and smartphones are to their mobile workforce. In fact, most business travelers are attached to their mobile devices for a majority of the day. You may be surprised to know that mobile devices, depending on the company, can be just as helpful in the office as they are out of the office. If you’re creative, you’ll be able to fully integrate tablets and smartphones into the ofice environment to not only improve productivity, but help connect your employees in more meaningful ways. 


One of the biggest enemies of productivity is ineficiency, which pops up in ways you may not always be aware of. George Mashini, CEO of Catavolt (www.catavolt.com), says that one of his manufacturing clients encountered a problem where a production supervisor, in order to coach employees and improve their efficiency, “was running back to their computers, which in a warehouse situation could be a half a mile [away].” In essence, he was harming the productivity of his workforce by not being efficient himself. Mashini and his company were able to put the production schedule on the manager’s tablet so he wouldn’t have to run back and forth, “which made everyone more productive because the manager was out there coaching the employees a lot more.”

Clieck here for full article (November 2012 Issue, Page 40)

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