PC Today: Stretched Too Far? Bring Employees Back Together

(September Issue)  Increased travel, separated office branches, and telecommuting can all be positives when related to the growth of your business, but they can also be detrimental to the communication and collaboration capabilities of your employees. The farther employees and managers are from each other, the more likely a lapse in communication will occur, which could result in lower productivity and decreased overall business eficiency. Sometimes a phone call or an email doesn’t cut it when it comes to completing a task or inishing a project on time.

Sometimes you need a more detailed way to communication with a fellow employee or an entire team of people. That’s why collaboration solutions can be so helpful in a business world where being mobile is more important than ever, regardless of how it affects business relationships. We’ll show you what options you have for collaboration solutions and help you reconnect your employees. 

REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION One of the easiest ways to connect employees is through phone or videoconferencing. With a simple VoIP system, employees in one office can communicate with employees at another location or in their homes. These Internet-based phone systems can be deployed almost anywhere to provide a quick line of communication between employees over vast distances.

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