PC Today: Software-Defined Networking

(November Issue)  Traditional networking has a few laws that you might not notice if you aren’t looking for them. However, with the introduction of SDN (softwaredefined networking), the disadvantages of switch-to-switch networking are more obvious than ever. In current network setups, “you have to go to every switch and conigure every hardware device,” says Andre Kindness, senior analyst at Forrester Research (www.forrester.com). “In a data center, on average, there are about 250,000 command lines. If someone’s typing that stuff in, the error rate is high. If you want to change anything, it takes a lot of work and you have to coordinate everything.”

That’s where SDN comes in to ease the software and control burden of each individual piece of equipment, which can free up resources and improve the overall performance of your network. Because SDN is an emerging technology, take the time to learn about it and how the architecture could beneit your company.


Click here for full article (November 2012 issue, page 20)

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