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Successful companies don’t stand still. They continually research, analyze, plan, and enact strategies to improve efficiency and productivity, whether that involves smarter data storage or allowing employees to use their mobile devices to boost workplace productivity. This article focuses on nine areas where you can start making improvements right away with efforts that are relatively quick, affordable, and easy to implement.

Cloud-based storage, according to Dick Csaplar, senior research analyst with Aberdeen Group, is something few large companies are using despite its being
cheap, universal, and easy to implement. Companies that are starting to max out expensive SANs (storage area networks), for example, can offload some less important data to the public cloud. Elsewhere, he says, only about half of large enterprises have a formal, fully executed data-retention schedule that outlines what data should be protected and for how long. Storing all data without prioritizing what to keep results in needlessly storing large volumes of files, he says.

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