PC Today: Make Social Media Work

Social media is extremely popular in the consumer space, evidenced by the fact that Facebook has more than 1 billion active monthly visitors and Twitter just recently surpassed 500 million total users. Businesses have gotten into the act as well by offering promotions via social media, building company Facebook pages, and generally finding new ways to reach out to customers. But there are questions that many small- to medium-sized businesses continue to ask: “Are we doing enough?” and “How can we integrate social media into our daily business processes?”

While there are no easy answers to these questions, there are some new approaches to social media usage, and there are new technologies designed to make social networks fit more appropriately into the business world. Furthermore, if you align some of these new potential use cases with your company’s size, reach, and overall business goals, then you’ll be able to take full advantage of social media services to strengthen customer relationships, increase sales, build out
your various brands, and improve employee collaboration inside the organization.

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