PC Today: IT Outsourcing

Turn your attention to the topic of IT outsourcing and it doesn’t take long to detect that in the eyes of some it has become an antiquated business strategy. Conversely, plenty of others believe IT outsourcing is as viable an option as ever. What seems universally agreeable is that IT outsourcing has gone through noteworthy transformations over the years and will continue to do so moving ahead. The following looks at these changes, where outsourcing currently sits, and what it can offer.

Arguably, the most cited knock against outsourcing is that it takes white collar jobs away from American workers—a point that routinely surfaces during election cycles. “Any time we get closer to a presidential election or midterm elections and they start talking about this idea that outsourcing is evil and takes away American jobs,” says John Madden, Ovum (www.ovum.com) principal analyst, IT services, “the debate over outsourcing heats up accordingly.”

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