PC Today: Effects Of Multitasking

Businesspeople and consumers are more connected than ever. Many people have some combination of smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And practically everyone has a TV set. We are constantly bombarded with information coming from multiple sources simultaneously, and for that reason we are often forced to engage in multitasking. Whether it’s for work (by sending emails, taking phone calls, and attending meetings all at once) or for personal reasons (checking social media sites while dining or waiting for a flight), these days everyone engages in multitasking to some degree.

One of the most common multitasking experiences, according to Gina Sverdlov, analyst with Forrester Research, is when consumers choose to browse the
Internet while also watching television. “Using mobile and portable Internet-connected devices have made TV multitasking the norm,” she says. “About four out of five online adults who own a laptop, smartphone, or tablet go online while watching television.” However, there is more than one way to multitask.

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