PC Today: A New Era of Email Archiving

(November issue) In the business world today, it isn’t enough to save emails to a hard drive and call it good. It also isn’t feasible to leave emails sitting in your inbox for a few years just in case you need them for compliance reasons. Most companies that deal with large amounts of email trafic simply don’t have ample enough solutions in place for even their most basic email archiving needs. 

“We still see a lot of companies not doing anything formally and therefore employees are doing their own thing with PSTs [Outlook archive iles], which are, of course, never controlled and never indexed,” says Tim Hickernell, director of research at Info-Tech Research Group (www.infotech.com). “We have companies that rather than do full email archiving are still doing just journaling, where they’re turning on the journaling function of their email platform just to get a copy of things, but it’s not full email archiving and doesn’t have e-discovery.”

For companies that need to retain email for compliance-related issues or to maintain full customer records, it’s important to ind an email archiving solution that has e-discovery builtin so you can search for and recall email messages in a timely manner. Although you may think in-depth email archiving isn’t an absolute necessity for your company, it doesn’t hurt to implement some type of system just in case there is a need in the future. Luckily, there are quite a few options out there for email archiving that it companies of all sizes.

Click here for full article (November 2012 issue, page 10)

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