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Outsourcing Can Save You 13-27% and Greatly Improve IT Efficiency

 Outsourcing is being done in roughly 2/3rds of organizations for three key reasons: IT cost savings, IT efficiency and business value, and to level the playing field for small organizations. The path for deciding the area to outsource depends on which of these reasons is your most critical corporate priority.

Outsourcing has the potential to deliver ongoing budget savings in addition to business benefits, depending on the function outsourced. This report presents how your organization can take advantage of outsourcing to achieve your top IT priorities.

This report addresses three fundamental questions:

  • What type of outsourcing fits your organization?
  • What types of outsourcing tend to save the most money?
  • What are best practices in outsourcing implementation?

Complete with Fit and Business Case Suitability tools, this report will help you:

  • Understand how outsourcing savings differ by type, implementation approach, and company size
  • Understand why intangible benefits were the key motivation in a third of the organizations in the study
  • Identify pitfalls specific to outsourcing and offshoring
  • Accurately assess your company's outsourcing compatibility based on your needs and goals
  • Create an 8-step best practice implementation plan
  • Use a scoring system to choose the right vendor
  • Properly manage the vendor relationship based on insights from top outsourcers
  • Determine which provisions to include in your contract for maximum benefit
  • Ensure that outsourcing is a continuous improvement process

 Tool included:

  • Outsourcing Decision Tool: This downloadable Excel tool allows you to determine outsourcing appropriateness for your organization, likelihood of success, and recommendations on which areas of your IT are best suited for outsourcing.

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